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What to expect on a Q&A call in Makers’ Momentum Club

So what is it like in a Makers’ Momentum Club Q&A session?

 Well, as you work through the resources in Makers’ Momentum Club and start the work of building a sustainable income from your maker business, you’re going to have questions like:

  • How could I make this work for my business?
  • Am I understanding this correctly?
  • How does doing this thing fit with doing this other thing?
  • How do I decide between these two things?
  • How do I make something work better?
  • Do you have ideas for how I can market my business?
  • Can you give me feedback on my website, Etsy store or social media?
  • Is this as important as I think it is?
  • Am I overthinking this?


This is exactly what the monthly live Q&A sessions are for. Getting unstuck with what you should do next, or how you can grow your business, or whether there’s a problem with the way you’re doing things that you’re not seeing yet.

But at the end of every Q&A session, members always tell me that not only did they get their questions answered, but they also learned something even more valuable from my answer to someone else’s question.

Maybe a question they would never have thought of asking.

So here’s the secret to success in Makers’ Momentum Club…

If you don’t have questions, that is the MOST IMPORTANT TIME to attend the live calls and/or watch the recordings back.

Having no questions often means that you’re not quite clear on what to focus on or what question to ask to hear the most valuable thing you need right now. 

You don’t have questions because you don’t know what you should be asking. You don’t know what could be improved. 

Sometimes this happens because you’re hyper focused on something you’re doing, and you’re missing out on everything else that’s passing by.

Other times that thing you’re hyper focused on is actually getting in the way (hello folks endlessly researching a new collection, redoing your website for the eleventy billionth time or getting bogged down in a decision you just can’t make)

So whether you have questions or not – join me on the live Q&A calls.

Yes you can have your questions answered, yes you can hang out with other like-minded makers in the comments section and yes you’ll learn things you hadn’t ever and maybe wouldn’t ever have thought about. 

This is how you quickly grow your understanding of how to turn the art or the products you make into a viable business. This is how you make it easier and faster to get results.

How do I ask questions?

It’s super simple. 

I give priority to presubmitted questions so if you want to be sure that I get to your question you can submit it in advance at https://learn.makersbusinesstoolkit.com/submit-a-question/

Or you can come along to the live call and add your question in the comments.

What can I ask questions about?

If it’s to do with growing your business and making more sales of your products and services, you can ask me.

Maybe you’re wondering whether to launch a new product range.

Maybe you’re not making the sales that you’d like to be making and you’re not quite sure why.

Maybe you’re struggling with the administrative side of running your business and you’d like some tips on getting more done with less effort.

Some people come along with a lead magnet or an About page that they’d like to get feedback on

Basically, I’ve got one aim for you: to make more sales so that you can make more art and make more people happy. I’ll help you in any way I can to do that.

What do I NOT answer questions about?

If there’s anything I don’t know about, I’ll be straight with you. And if you’ve got questions that need really specialist knowledge on one specific artistic medium, it’s usually better to ask the community, instead of me because I don’t know the ins and outs of every medium.

And since I’m not an accountant or a lawyer, I can’t answer specific questions on taxes or the law, including data protection, intellectual property etc.

Those questions need to be answered by an expert with the relevant qualifications.

Can I listen back to past calls?

Absolutely! I’d definitely recommend that you do that. The recordings of past calls are all stored in the online classroom with jumplinks to help you to skip to the questions that interest you the most.

The audio is also available on our members only private podcast so you can listen on the go.


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